1. To recognize clients’ diversity by ensuring that religious, cultural, racial and gender identities are respected and requesting clients and their carers to respect our staff’s rights in the same non-discriminatory manner.

2. To ensure that the forms of communication, language and address used are suitable for the needs of the client.

3. To ensure that the quality of the service provided is of the highest standards possible and to use appropriate methods to achieve this.

4. To ensure clients are supplied with information about the services provided, and any changes to those services which may affect their wellbeing

5. To encourage clients or their representatives to participate as fully as possible in formulating their care plans and to provide access to personal files.

6. To be respectful of the client’s personal privacy and space.

7. To ensure that all health and safety procedures are followed at all times.

8. To enable and support clients to retain their independence of thought and activity.

9. To meet the client’s physical and emotional needs as well as overall wellbeing in a dignified non-judgemental way.

10. To ensure that the client is always treated with dignity and respect as well as safeguarded from the risk of abuse.

11. To ensure that all information received in the course of carrying out our duties is treated with the utmost confidentiality and is not passed to any unauthorised persons. Records will be accurate and fit for purpose.

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